2-hour emigration-themed Bremen walking tour

Join me on this emigration-themed 2-hour walking tour through 1,200 years of history in the city of Bremen.

Overview walking tour in Bremen

Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors as they prepared for their big journey abroad on this 2-hour emigration-themed Bremen walking tour.

With over 7 million people leaving from here between 1830 and 1974, Bremerhaven was once one of the busiest emigration ports in Europe. Bremerhaven is located directly at the seafront of the North Sea. 

But before the emigrants got to Bremerhaven, they most often spend several days in the city of Bremen. So on this 2 hour tour, you will see all sightseeing highlights of the 1,200-year-old Hanseatic town of Bremen and hear stories related to emigrants and immigrants. Ask any questions you may have to your professional tour guide Sonja Irani.

Tour price: 130 $ (USD)
(Price includes VAT)

How to book: This tour is on request only. Simply contact me via the inquiry form on this page to discuss a date.

What you’ll see on the 2-hour emigration-themed Bremen walking tour:

1. The old port of Bremen

We will see the river bank of the river Weser in Bremen, which was the very first harbor of Bremen. The first emigrants left from here before Bremerhaven was founded in 1827.

Later on, the emigrants started from here by tender boats, which took them to the Atlantic ships in Bremerhaven.

Riverfront of river Weser with ships and Martini church in Bremen, northern

2. The Böttcherstraße

We will visit the street where decaffeinated coffee was invented by a Bremen merchant. Here, we will also learn more about trade from and to Bremen, which has a long tradition in the city.

Glockenspiel and old houses in Bremen, Germany

3. The Roland statue and medieval market square

This statue from the year 1404 depicts a knight called Roland and is one of Bremen’s two UNESCO World Heritage sights. I will explain why the Roland is also known as Bremen’s “Statue of Liberty”. 

The “Schütting” trading house on the left, was a contact point for emigrants in the 19th century, as an emigrant office was located here to help people with the emigration process.

Roland statue on medieval market square in Bremen, Germany

4. Saint Peter Cathedral

Next to the Roland, we will see the Bremen Cathedral, the medieval market square and the equally old Town Hall. If it’s open at the time of visiting, we can also take a look inside the cathedral.

Most emigrants payed a visit to this church to pray for a save journey.  On the marketplace there used to be merchants selling the emigrants necessities for the journey, e.g. straw mats, eating utensils or durable food.

View of cathedral and town hall in Bremen, Germany on medieval market square in Bremen, Germany

5. The Bremen Town Musicians

We will of course make a stop at Bremen’s most famous statue: the four animals from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm (the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster).

Here you will learn what the old fairy tale had to do with the emigrants of the 19th century.

Bremen Town Musicians statue in Bremen, Germany

6. The Schnoor quarter

The oldest quarter of the city of Bremen features houses that sometimes date back to the 1400s. We can also find the smallest hotel in Bremen here.

Before the railroad took the emigrants directly to the port of Bremerhaven, they had to stay in Bremen in one of these small houses, until the riverboats were ready to take them to the harbor.

This is where our walking tour ends. If you like, you can spend some more time in the Schnoor quarter and perhaps enjoy some coffee and cake at one of the several cute cafés here.

Back alley in the medieval Schnoor quarter in Bremen, Germany

Tour price: 130 $ (USD)
(Price includes VAT)

Please note: The tour runs with a minimum of 2 participants up to a maximum of 20 participants. The price quoted above remains the same, whether two people or 20 people book.

How to book: This tour is on request only.
Simply contact me via the inquiry form on this page to discuss a date.


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